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The number of spindles of shoelace knitting machine can determine the complexity of product patterns

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  The number of spindles of shoelace knitting machine is more or less. Even if the same kind of product is woven, the number of spindles used in shoelace knitting machine will be different. The number of spindles will immediately endanger the complexity of knitting mechanism and the difficulty coefficient of knitting process.

  Generally speaking, the larger the number of spindles, the higher the price of shoelace knitting machine, and the higher the knitting goods can be made. Customers choose the number of spindles for knitting machine, which depends on the shape and characteristics of knitting goods.

  At the time of choosing laces knitting machine, many customers set the relative number of spindles according to the size of their own braided pipe warp, but it usually causes defects. The larger the pipe diameter is, the larger the number of spindles is required. The precondition is that the braided pipe is woven with the same raw material and the same relative density. If the relative density of the braided raw materials of the braided pipe is different, the number of spindles required for weaving with the same pipe diameter is quite different.

  For braided pipes with the same diameter, some braided layers have compressive strength and protective effect, so the relative density of braiding is very high, and the requirement for the number of spindles of shoelace knitting machine is also very large. However, for some braided pipes, the braided layer only has the effect of beautiful appearance and decorative design. The decrease of spindle number will be in accordance with the actual requirements for the braided pipe with compressive strength requirements. For example, if we use the shoelace knitting machine to produce the braided plastic hose, the braiding layer produced by the shoelace knitting machine with a large number of spindles is undoubtedly more detailed, with stronger bearing capacity and other characteristics. In addition, the cost will be relatively higher. The number of spindles is a key reference for the characteristics and quality of shoelace knitting machines. At present, the number of spindles of knitting machines manufactured at this stage ranges from the basic 24 and 36 spindles to the complicated 72120 spindles. Which kind of knitting machine to manufacture depends on the requirements of customers.