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Causes of the braiding rope falling off in the process of using the knitting machine of twisting rope machine

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  There are more and more reasons that the knitting machine of the rope twisting machine often falls off. The machine must run stably without shaking, and the supporting force must be consistent, and the relative density and flatness of the wire row should also be very good. The knitting support force is not suitable for too large, the speed is not suitable for too fast, and the relative path of wire passing must be smooth and flexible. Generally speaking, it is easy to break the wire under the spindle and check the swing rod and its bearing Whether the guide wheel is flexible, the height of the braiding die, whether the die is worn or not, has a lot to do with the tensile strength of braiding drawing!

   Maintenance inspection contents:

   1. Check whether the lubricating oil in the case of the rope twisting machine is within the specified range. Lift the oil detection rod to ensure the oil level is in the middle of the two lines, but not too much to prevent the lubricating oil from spraying out. Check once a month

  2. Check the lubricating oil in the turbine box of the rope twisting knitting machine, which can be estimated by the oil mirror. If it is less than half of the oil mirror, the lubricating oil should be filled. (the filling should not be higher than the oil mirror) check once a month

   3. The impeller and the shaft center should be lubricated before each shift starts up, and the table should be wiped clean to prevent foreign body from jamming the walking horse spindle. Sign three, once per class

   4. Proper lubrication and maintenance shall be carried out for all transmission gear positions of rope twisting machine knitting machine, and the maintenance shall be conducted once a week

   5. Proper lubrication and maintenance should be done for the polished rod position of the light sensor winding device, and the maintenance should be conducted once a week